Dejan Petrovic Big Band at Dukley Beach – May the 1st!

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If you hear melodies of the world’s famous hits interwoven with motives of Balkan national music making a perfect whole, you will know that it is the work of Dejan Petrovic Big Band.

They do not take sides or choose genres, they simply do what they love and what they know best –make good music and please the audience.

On May 1st, from 12 to 6 pm, you'll not only enjoy the best music, but also delicious BBQ meals and top-class wines.

Beside wines which will be found on our Wine list soon, made by our friends and suppliers: Erdevik Winery, Aleksandrovic Winery, Cilic Estate, Meneghetti Winery, Dalvina Winery – we'll also introduce you the ones we are really proud of – the wines made exclusively for Dukley by Erdevik Winery!

40 euros ticket price per person includes unlimited food, drinks and wines consumption.

Free for children under 12.

Online reservations or by number: +382 69 160 003.


About Dejan Petrovic Big Band

For fifteen years now, one could hear the name Dejan Petrovic Orchestra in the finals of every trumpet orchestra competition in the country, but also abroad.

With his orchestra, Dejan Petrovic won everything there was to win at the Guca festival – The first trumpet, The best orchestra, Master’s letter...

Distinct sounds of the trumpet, guitar and a great “groove” are this bend’s personal mark.

Each and every performance, a whirlpool of good vibrations and emotions while you soar past and future one, is unique and always fresh, positive energy that awakes unimaginable the enchanting sounds of the trumpet.

It is no surprise that many influential people in the music and film industry have chosen this orchestra as their co-workers, Emir Kusturica being one of the most important one, who they have been working with for seven years now. They have made music for a number of his films and not a single Kustendorf festival took place without Dejan and his orchestra.

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